Contemporary Living Damai Kasih, Cheras

9000+ square feet house ! To utilise entire space, we proposed a modern contemporary style into the space and corporate with the mood that client wants which is luxury. To create Luxury ambient, we implemented minimal philosophy towards space planning as well as color scheme.

It was a mess place when we first went for site recce, there were a lot of extended beam structures that previous owner done, there was where we experienced the issue of low ceiling height. The house located at the middle of a T-junction as well as the bedroom did, which is not advisable to be place for sleeping according to environment science. Unfortunately, bedroom has been decided to be at this point due to the reason of Feng Shui. Therefore, we took the biggest challenge to solve the house environment issue yet to bring in nature elements into the space.

1. Headboard design. Behind this wall is T-junction, due to the reason of noises and moisture occurs in a whole year as we’re in Malaysia. Therefore we came up with a design that has soft finish to filter these two issues as well as to create timeless elements. Elements play an important rules, we implement philosophy of rhythms, asymmetrical balance and lines consistency into the entire space.

2. We avoid typical way of laying things, we started to lay things as little as possible to create its elegance and quality of the space. Apparatus products are being used.