This is a house for a family members of 5. Husband is an awarded Michelin’s star chef working over United Kingdom all the way from Malaysia and so he loves to cook, but he doesn’t wanted to cook at home due to the reason home is where he can stay away from all stressful works & duties.

Alex is a very friendly person yet he is particular in quality. He loves to read and held leisure activities in public hall which he could able to gather all his children.

The biggest challenge in this space is “Volume”. It has a problem with a small living area and more storages are required. We advice and design the space to have many hidden storage with simple lines and depth to simplify and expansion in term of visual perspective in entire space, also we incorporate with reflective materials like – glasses and skeleton design like – bar metal structures to deliver space volume to user.


Living Area design color scheme – Pumpkin Yellow wooden
This was a coincident scheme which client had bought a set of pumpkin yellow sofa and merge really well with the wooden laminates.
As Malaysia is a tropical country, curtain is a must to filter the temperature and also to control the access of nature lights.