Kuala Lumpur is the heart in term of cultural, financial and economic of Malaysia known as fastest growing city among the country, trading traffics, leads knock down, multi-languages like “Apa khabar”, “你好吗“, “how are you”. We have different races lived together as well as the historical ancients that made us rich in culture. Culture is where the connection between people’s behavior and people. In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, working rhythm or even tight traffic that hustle the efficiency of task completion where it is the best to develop Co-working culture in this piece of land.

Foyer area + trophy showcase impressions





where talks take place
Meeting area

Client’s analysis
The identity of client themselves against stay this fast rhythm culture, they’re in financial line yet running their career in a very aesthetic way – they believe in

Qualities and details which made community grew  bigger & stronger.
where the connection between trophy showcase and lounge area
Boss lounge
Co working Office
Copenhagen approach interior design

Space located next to golden triangular Kuala Lumpur on 27th floor. Working behavior often come up for team building meetings, client’s meetings, and sharing sessions once a while. The initial concept to take consideration of their clients, a sort of elegant living to embrace brand identity also to straighten the confidence toward the guests or clients who step into their “quality taste” world. Also, another biggest challenge is to carry local Malaysian culture or elements into this space and merge with elegance idealization.

Secondary concept is to make the space much flexible and efficiency in term of working environment. Stand-alone pieces furniture are proposed to be customized so it could bring its atmosphere to higher level that suits the branding. We enhance the details on every corner of furniture and bring nature to party with elegance. Meeting table are organized to portrait a beautiful image of city view and nature lights as background. Table can be detached for different event or activities. In order to bring up the artistic atmosphere, trophy display designed into blocks orientation as an island to grab attention and art view purpose. Client themselves love to collect art pieces and even antique furniture which helpful in enhancing the value of interior space.

Copenhagen approach interior design